Lemon Brownies
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   Lemon Brownies | Brownie Recipe

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All About Lemon Brownies

Everyone loves brownies. You can make them with nuts or without, with chocolate chips or without, with white chocolate chips or a mixture of white and dark chocolate chips. There have also been recipes concocted that make them healthier and sugar free. If you're a chef, whether a pastry chef, a gourmet cook, a connoisseur or just a simple foodie that loves to tinker in the kitchen and whose favorite companion is an oven, you can work magic with the basic ingredients found in brownies and invent your own kind of brownie heaven.

If you're a simple housewife or just an average Joe trying to feed your family or entertain friends with some desserts, there's a winning brownie alternative you can try, the Lemon Brownies. They are a refreshing twist to the traditional brownie grandma used to make. Fortunately for the food lovers, there are also a lot of ways of preparing lemon brownies, but being a gourmet cook, you probably already know this. Unfortunately for the novice cook, well, there is a gamut of choices for lemon brownie recipes. And you can confuse yourself even more by browsing the internet or scouring through cook books trying to find the easiest, most fool proof method of cooking this dessert. Fear not however, because there is a way of breaking down this explosion of information. And perhaps after reading this, you'll be able to up the ante a bit on your own by experimenting. Who knows? Maybe someday you'll become a gourmet cook yourself! The simplest way to prepare a dessert is to purchase the most popular prepared mix from the store and just follow the instructions - add some butter or oil, put in the eggs and perhaps some water, grease a pan, put it in the oven, relax for some 20-30 minutes, and voila! Simple, fast and stress-free! No one will suspect you're not a professional cook.

Now that you've mastered that part, the next time someone comes over or your kids want a different dessert, try adding a little extra. Instead of just the regular chocolate brownie mix, purchase a lemon cake mix. This time, be more adventurous. Cream the butter and sugar first, add the cake mix, the eggs and some lemon juice and lemon zest. Pour into a greased pan like before, put it in the oven, relax for some 20-30 minutes, and voila! Congratulations! You're no longer just a simple wannabe cook! Your next question will be how much of each ingredient should you put into the mixture. There are several variations and each recipe will give you a slightly different measurement.

However, the differences in these measurements are negligible and you can just choose one recipe to follow. You will notice that the procedure is basically the same. The main ingredients should be measured exactly (butter, eggs, cake mix, liquid) but the flavor is subjective. If you want a sharper lemony taste, why not add just an additional hint of lemon zest. Be careful though that you do not experiment on the amount of liquid which in this case is the lemon juice. As a novice, you may not be able to estimate the maximum amount of liquid that will ensure that the originally intended consistency of the batter is maintained. Kitchen recipes are tested by the experts to make sure the dessert comes out right so don't be too adventurous. We're not an expert yet, so, go easy on the experimentation for now.
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